Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fwd: "God, what are you up to?"

"God what are you up to?"
I am writing this email to honor and thank people who have given generous gifts to the rehabilitation of the burned house, our new home in Busoro Village, Fort Portal, Uganda. I am sincerely grateful for the kindness and generosity towards the rebuilding of this house. God has provided more than I ever imagined was possible. This was my exclamation to God as i sat in the Dallas TX airport after hearing about the fire in Fort Portal,
"God what are you up to?" 
   This week I've been reading in 1 Chronicles 28 and 29 how David was giving over all of his plans and preparations to rebuild the Temple of GOD to Solomon his son. It's a moving account of his trust, humility and faith in the LORD GOD to do as GOD commanded of him when he publicly acknowledged that Solomon was anointed by God for the task instead of him. David had hoped to accomplish the building of the Temple for the glory of God and to house the Holy of Holies. David did as he was commanded and all of this transpired for GOD'S Glory through their lives! And perhaps a precursor of the destruction of death and of Christ's resurrection. It is also a stark contrast to the kings that followed who fall in to idol worship and sacrifice and trade off a portion of the Temple treasures for their safety a part from trusting in God. It's  also a strong reminder to me to guard my own heart because I am also tempted to evil and unbelief.  

  Being the recipient of such generous giving is humbling  but ultimately it shines with the display of GOD's Glory for Himself and to bless those who watch and those who benefit. It is quite amazing to see the transformation first hand and to be reminded by those who watched the house burn that they are dumbfounded at how GOD has provided for the rebuilding!  The house has gone from a shell of damaged concrete and brick walls with crumbled iron sheets, charred and cracked, with floors littered with burned debris to new plaster, reinforced walls, vents and new door frames and  bright paint.  
 God blessed me with a talented Mason named Isaac who became my contractor. God also reminded me to call Kidega George my long time house worker, driver and handyman who was able to provide school fees and a Christmas feast due to his salary obtained helping with the house as storekeeper, being my eyes and ears on the site and motivating the workers.    
  So far there are two rooms, a portion of the corridor and two bathrooms complete and where we are currently living.  The water system is in place with flushing toilets, sinks and showers and a small two battery solar electric set up that is serving us well.  Someone recently gave us a significant gift to install a Solar Hot water system that will serve 5-6 people. 
  The remaining rooms under construction are two bedrooms, one bath, mud porch with small sink,  office, big kitchen with storage plus the dining/sitting room area. All these rooms need concrete ceilings finished (sitting/dining room needs ceiling wood frames first) and undercoat and interior paint, one bath need shower stall, toilet and sink. All plastering in all rooms is complete but needs finishing only. The remaining rooms need doors and the kitchen needs appliances, beds, dining and sitting room furniture  and exterior paint. All exterior doors are finished and beautiful, if you don't look too closely.  I have purchased only one bed so far but it will be for a visitor when we get one. 
We use city water pressure when we have it to pump water to our holding tank in the ceiling. Michael Masso also connected a small pump to send our harvested rain water from an outside tank up to the holding tank for our toilets and showers when city water is not running or during dry season (like now) when city water pressure is very low. White plastic gutters were purchased and installed to harvest the rain water and keep it off our heads on the porches. 
We really have come a long way and it shows. Many people comment on the fact that they never imagined we would accomplish such a big work in such a short amount of time, all of GOD and for His Glory!
I hope you enjoy the photos and what GOD has being doing through your gifts! Please feel free to pass this on if you know people who would like to contribute a gift to finish what has been started. I am convinced that in GOD's time He will provide, of that I have no doubt!
With sincere thanks and to the Glory of GOD!