Sunday, June 3, 2012

Women of the Proverbs



The Ewino Cultural Single Bead Necklace



Masiko teaching the Tortilla Basket



First WOTP Training Seminar

Thanks for your support and encouragement! 
Our first  Women of the Proverbs One DayTraining Seminar went well. We learned the beginning steps of creating the Tortilla basket from Masiko.
We ate a heart healthy lunch of Tortillas, Beans and Salads that included avocado and made new friends who are determined to work for their 
groups. We also taught the women how to makeTortillas plus the beautiful and cultural Ewino single bead necklace from Joan. 
I hope this is the beginning of many good friends who will turn around and bless women from their Groups by taking back knowledge, skills and the 
message of the Gospel for the good of the world and for God's glory. 
Disciple a woman, disciple and nation! 

In the weeks to come:
Learning how to Grow the Oyster mushroom for fun and for Profit
Making paper from Banana fibre, papyrus and more
Understanding Color Theory and using Color in Nature
Gospel Storying- the Woman and the Serpent
WOTP Household Survey
The Fuel Saver Basket  



Fuel Saver Basket

My friend Luan and I put together these slow cooker baskets recently to give to her friend 
for a  test run. In Sudan it's called a Marriage Saver Basket. The concept is that you cook 
your food or sauce on a hot fire for 30-40 minutes. After that you wrap the pot with tight 
fitting lid in cloth and stick it in the basket snug and tight. The grass keeps the heat in and 
acts as a slow cooker. When you wake in the morning or come home after work the food or 
beans etc. are soft and warm, ready for final preparations. All to help to save firewood, 
charcoal and fuel for cookers. 
We hope it can be not only a money saver but a money maker!