Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Training of Trainers

Next week we are planning a Women of the Proverbs Training Day, May 16th. I have invited a woman named Masika who will teach us how to make the Tortilla Basket,  a senior woman by the name of Joann will help us learn how to make Eiwino, a cultural single bead neck lace that used to be made from giraffe hair. And a tutorial on making the theTortilla that will be served with our lunch of fresh cooked beans, salad of avacado, mango, red onion, green pepper and tomato with a light lemon and salt, fresh cilantro dressing. I want to teach the women from the scriptures lessons that will relate to creating high quality goods for sale in the market place, business, finances and truths that will be applicable to all areas of our lives. 
Please pray NOW for wisdom, knowledge and that I will communicate well the message of God's amazing love for each one of us. 

In June Katie Kron, our intern is coming to Uganda to help with Women of the Proverbs project. Please pray for Katie's safety and health in Uganda, pray for her to be wowed by Jesus amazing love for her and pray something like... the knowledge she imparts to women will bless them and result in a harvest of God's goodness and righteousness. 
Please pray for Katie now!  Thanks for being part of increasing the capacities of women in Western Uganda!