Wednesday, September 5, 2012

FW: How did it go?

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A Little Summer Drama

Kids ham it up before Dress Rehearsal

Our friends in Greensboro were astounded that we committed to teaching a nine-week Drama class with inner-city kids. And about one week into it... we were astounded too. While we had taught Drama workshops all over the United States (and even abroad using interpreters) we just were not quite prepared for this "baptism by fire." It was a challenge to maintain order, to teach concepts and to keep from crying... just kidding... sort of. But guess what. God came through in a big time way and the end result was actually pretty impressive. 

As we had a debriefing session with the local Directors of the Salvation Army and The Boys & Girls Club of Greensboro, we all talked about what we had learned. I said, "We learned not to teach a 9-week Drama class again!!" 

But seriously, all of us found ways of making next year's class better and when "it's all said and done" we have truly found a new joy in our lives. As we develop in this area we look forward to the day we hold classes here at Spittin' Image Performance Spot at 616 S. Elm St. 

For a great video of our summer with the kids 

After a frustrating day a smile was all we needed to melt our hearts.


We found some really great talent. 


"Hitchhiker" was a favorite theater game. 


CITY SIZZLE just a few weeks away!

For more info on CITY SIZZLE click here.

CITY SIZZLE is a fund raiser for Peculiar People, Greensboro Grub and City616... in case you don't know... they are all a part of the same non-profit. If you have been to the Grub in recent months then you know of our plans and dreams for 616 S. Elm St. CITY SIZZLE is your opportunity to come & partner with us. Join in this community effort to bring even greater community to Greensboro.

This is not a Grub... but much, much more!! Since we are planning on a couple hundred people to show up at this event there is no way we can seat that many... even though we have "pulled off miracles" in the past. There will be plenty of food, drinks, munchies and hors d'oeuvres!

There will also be a Silent Auction where you will get the chance to bid on and receive some outrageous deals on wine, tires, art, massages, luxury items, household items, weekend "getaway" trips and much more. There will also be a raffle for a flat-screen TV! And did we mention the hours of talent? Concerts, singing, drama, spoken word and orchestration. You will be amazed.

For a quick video telling you all about our plans at City 616